Becoming a Nudist – My First Experience

Like many other women, I was introduced to the idea of public nudism by a boyfriend. I had certainly spent time in my youth, within the privacy of my own backyard, sunbathing in the nude and had spent a few gregarious evenings skinny dipping in my pool, or at the lake, with my girlfriends, but the idea of visiting a nude beach or a nudist resort certainly never crossed my mind and seemed rather far fetched. I am a modest person who is very insecure about the out of shape state of my middle aged physique; therefore the thought of exposing myself to a bunch of strangers in broad daylight was a terrifying consideration. However, I remembered those encounters during my youth where the prospect of baring my flesh for the thrill of swimming unencumbered by clothing were met with enthusiasm rather than fear and decided to give naturism a try.

My hopes were to visit a nude beach while vacationing with “M,” in a far away place, but alas my plans were spoiled and the opportunity was lost. “M” and I discussed visiting a nudist resort and after much research decided upon a small clothing optional hotel in a nearby resort town. During the reservation process, the owner of the hotel put my fears to rest regarding naked starlets and swingers cavorting around the pool, triggering “M” to suffer whiplash from the tantalizing scenery.

The day finally arrived for my first nudist resort experience. “Would I be able to go through with it,” I pondered to myself? Nervous, but determined, I rang the doorbell at the entrance gate. To my surprise, we were greeted by a cheerful man wearing nothing but socks and tennis shoes. He welcomed us and showed us around. The well manicured grounds and seventeen rooms surrounded the pool, where about twenty people of various ages, shapes, and sizes quietly engaged in conversation, reading, or lounging in the warm sun. As my fears were washed away with a complete sense of tranquility and freedom, my clothes quickly slipped off and I welcomed my new experience with an open heart, open mind, and a smile.


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  1. naturegirl1
    Sep 07, 2010 @ 09:03:14

    My husband & I love swimming & sunbathing naked, but believe it or not, we have never visited a naturist club or resort. Going to a nude beach has a certain spontaneity about it, but actually going somewhere that “enforces” social nudity at all times would not really appeal.
    We once holidayed in France very close to a well known naturist club/resort where even shopping & eating out was done in the nude (apparently!) & we couldn’t see the point in that. We spent that holiday swimming & sunbathing nude on the same bit of beach as the members of the nudist club & got just as tanned as they did!


    • bloggerinthebuff
      Sep 07, 2010 @ 09:38:13

      Dear Naturegirl1,
      We too love swimming and sunbathing naked, in fact we sometimes refer to ourselves as skinny dippers. Naturists not only come in different packages but also different levels of nudism. Some want to be naked 24/7 while others prefer to don clothing for certain activities. My husband and I belong to a club that while nudity is required in the pool, you are otherwise welcome to wear clothing whenever and wherever you like. Tennis is big at our club, but I personally can’t imagine playing tennis without clothing to help with support for certain parts at the very least, but some prefer to play au naturel. I say do what you like. You keep doing what you enjoy. Thank you for sharing your story.


  2. naturegirl1
    Sep 08, 2010 @ 05:48:07

    My days of playing naked beach games like tennis or volleyball are long gone! Too many wobbly bits…..


  3. RennyBA's Terella
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 02:59:47

    Hi BB! I antecedently came to yours since there was a search engine link from my post: “Beaches without bikinis in Norway”. At first I was about to just passing by, but then I was thinking why not say hi and give you some credit for you openly, well written blog!

    I’m a Norwegian, and as you may know, there are plenty of nude beaches in Norway and I have been to many of them. To me nudity is the most natural thing and I find nudists more relaxed, nice and open minded than people who need cloths on to enjoy the sun and a swim, It’s mind limitation to think of a nude body as something to hide or be ashamed of – or a sexual object for that matter. That does not mean that I don’t see the beauty in a naked body of the opposite sex, but I feel more about the equality and mutual respect when being together with naked people, rather than ashamed, upset or excited for that matter.

    Especially when it comes to swimming, I feel uncomfortable with anything on. During my long lived life, I’ve often spent summer holidays at a cottage by the sea. Then to me – and the rest of the family for that matter – the morning bath (as part of personal hygiene) not to strip naked, is unimaginable.

    So keep up the good work – and you’re cloths off when that feels natural. I like you’re style – whatever you are wearing.

    Btw: Here is a link to “The Scandinavian Naturist Guide” and the nude beach in our neighbourhood. You and “M” are welcome to visit any time 😉


  4. bloggerinthebuff
    Sep 26, 2010 @ 18:05:18

    Dear RennyBA,

    Thank you so much for your comments and I agree wholeheartedly. We may just have to come for a visit. I love Scandinavia and look forward to our next trip there. Take care and I hope you return often to read my posts.



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